Grade School

Bright Light School Grade School Curriculum for K-8

Bright Light School’s curriculum was specifically developed to take in to consideration our philosophy for Christian education at each grade level and subject. After reviewing and incorporating federal and state standards we established our goals and standards to meet a diverse educational community. Within the curriculum, we strive to meet and/or exceed those standards established by our state.


The majority of our teachers are trained Lutheran school teachers who are instructed how to incorporate biblical principles in all areas of the curriculum. Our faculty members use a variety of teaching methods in order to assist in the learning process. These methods are designed to address a variety of learning styles. This differentiated approach allows teachers to use the most appropriate instructional methods for their age level of student for the material to be covered while meeting any individual needs within the class.

Students needing more direct, small group instruction may qualify for our CARE program. CARE is designed to address academic difficulties stemming from learning disabilities and attention deficits; however the CARE program is not a certified Exceptional Student Education program. This is a referral program.


The following textbooks are used as a resource to complete our curriculum. All of the textbooks used below are from the Florida Department of Education: School Book Depository and are approved by the State of Florida for use in public schools with one exception. The exception is the textbook used in religion which is produced by our national church body for use in our Lutheran Schools.


Bible History / Luther’s Catechism–Revised Edition, Northwest Publishing House Bible Discovery Guide / 130 Story of God’s Love, Concordia Publishing House


Open Court (Pre-K); Scott Foresman Reading Street (K-5 Grade)

McDougal Littell (Middle School)

Open Court (Pre-K); Scott Foresman Reading Street (K-5 Grade)


Write Reflections (K-4); McGraw Hill (5th Grade); Scott Foresman Reading Street(Grammar instruction is integrated with Reading), Houghton Mifflin (Middle School) Handwriting – Zaner-Bloser (K-4)


Zaner-Bloser, Scott Foresman Reading Street (Spelling words are integrated into the Reading program)


Saxon (K-8th Grade)

Social Study

Scott Foresman, Holt Rinehart Winston, Macmillan McGraw-Hill (Middle School)


McGraw-Hill (K-5); Glencoe (Middle School)


MacMillan (K-8)


Prentice Hall