The annual Federal Way Math Contest is designed to reward excellence in mathematics. Our fourth through eighth grade students placed very well against 200 students from schools around the region.

We’d like to recognize the following scholars:

  • Crosby Snow, 4th grade, 2nd place Ciphering and 1st place Individual
  • Leo Von Ruden, 4th grade, 3rd place in Individual
  • Solomon Kim, 6th grade, 1st place Ciphering and 1st place Individual
  • Justin Lee, 7th grade, 2nd place Ciphering and 2nd place Individual
  • Nash Heo, 8th grade, 1st place Ciphering and 1st place Individual


Congratulations, math-scholars for striving towards content area competence and subject mastery – Goal 4 of our strategic plan. We are proud of you!


We’re #FWPSProud of our phenomenal community members, staff, and student-scholars, and we take time to recognize their achievements at each board meeting. Click through for an overview of each honorees’ causes for celebration! For more detail about each recognition visit

Math Competition

Heo Jae-Jin (English name Nash Heo), a 6th-grade student at Federal Way Bright Light School, won first place in the 6th grade personal category at the Greater Seattle Area Math Competition. On April 27, the Seattle Mathematical Association held the ‘All-City Math Bonanza, Greater Seattle Area’ competition for grades 4-8 at Thomas Jefferson High School in all 3 (Mental Math, Speed Math, Individual) categories. Heo, who is currently a 6th grade student at Federal Way Public Academy, won first place in all 3 categories. In this mathematics competition, in which 30 major prestigious schools such as White Center (Seattle), Bear Creek (Redmond), East Side (Kirkland), Burberry Elementary (Lynn Wood), Annie Wright (Tacoma), Star Lake (Kent), Lake Dole Off (Urban), and others participated, Heo won 1st class in the 6th-grade individual challenge and 2nd place in a group competition. The full-time teacher of K-School who taught Heo stated proudly “Heo, the second generation of Korean Americans, began to show giftedness since the second year in the field of mathematics as he received guidance on the basic principles and structures of mathematics that are not well taught in general schools.” In particular, The Battle of the Math Brains (for gifted math students) FWPS MATH CONTEST hosted by the Federal Way School District, where more than 70 teams participated in last December, K-School’s Ian (English name: Ian Lee) participated in the competition and won the 1st place (lead) in the individual test for 3rd graders of all schools participating in the competition, and the 1st place in the 3rd-grade team test. Jeong is a former Massachusetts public high school math teacher. He currently serves as the Accounting Officer of the Washington State Government and teaches mainly students with difficult families or difficult math at K-School, the only innovative private school in Washington State.