About Us

About us and our mission

Bright Light School is a private Christian school that offers K-8 grades, elementary + middle school, 9 -12 grades, high school. Bright Light School offers small group classes to have better interaction between the teacher and the students.

The impact we are hoping to achieve is that this school will provide many different ways to ascertain the students’ success. We realize that one curriculum and one teaching style can be effective to most, but does not accommodate the many unique personalities students have. This can result in many students falling behind, feeling stressed and discouraged. What we want to achieve is to provide an atmosphere where students do not feel overwhelmed, but hopeful, and comfortable to learn in ways that let them absorb information effectively. In order to do that, close interaction with teachers who have much experience in education is important as well as custom learning systems unique to each student.

Northwest Accreditation Commission

Bright Light School was accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and (Cognia) in 2010.

Bright Light School was approved by Washington State Board of Education.

Another significant aspect about Bright Light School is that it will put much emphasis on students who have already fallen behind in their classes at public school/other schools. For these students, we believe that they need to learn in a way that is comfortable and effective for them. Bright Light School will offer classes in bilingual formats so that students who have moved to the United States can participate in class easily. Bright Light School will also provide many options to cater to a potentially busy schedule for any student. Each student has the option to inform the school about what time during the day and week throughout all seasons of the year, including summer, would be most convenient and arrange meetings with teachers.
Bright Light School is open to many opportunities for students regardless of time, age, disability, race, gender and even personality and take classes to recover credits that they failed to achieve. Virtual online classrooms will also be provided as well as classes during the weekend. Lastly, this is a Christian school. Students will become familiar with Lutheran Christianity and faith while attending this school.

Another important issue to consider

Another important issue to consider is that many students immigrate to this country and are immediately at a disadvantage because of language barriers. When they go to public schools, their ability to learn is severely restricted because of this. One of Bright Light School’s main goals is to provide for those students and offer classes with bilingual teachers. Students can learn at a good pace and also become more comfortable learning English and any other subjects because of frequent interactions with their teachers and peers who they can relate to. We would like to give them the opportunity to learn and grow up to become not only great U.S. citizens, but world citizens as well. We believe that students should become great contributors to society and having experienced hardships themselves, be willing to give back to the community and help many other people.